City Tour Santiago

Energetic, youthful, vibrant and multifaceted – Santiago has a lot to explore. This city has been the capital of Chile since the colonial era and is surrounded by the snowcapped peaks of the Andes Mountains. With plenty of superb vineyards in the surrounding area and the Pacific Ocean not too far away, it’s the ideal base for exploring.

Santiago is alive with a thriving theatre, culinary, arts and nightlife scene. It is also home to several excellent museums and art galleries, as well as scenic parks, walking trails and other great things to do. It’s not surprising that 40% of Chileans call this city their home, as it offers the biggest selection of top notch dining and cultural treasures.

You can enjoy an insider insight into Santiago on one of our private city tours. Our tours run from Monday to Sunday and it is recommended that they begin at 9am, but you can arrange them to fit your schedule. The tours will last for approximately four hours and your guide will offer local insight commentary into the best things to see and do. It is recommended that you bring along sunscreen, sunglasses, a jacket and a hat.

During the tour we will explore the civic neighbourhood and see some of the most interesting parts of the city – including the Presidential Palace, Bolsa de Comercio, Plaza de Armas, Santiago Cathedral, Ex National Congress, Santa Lucia, the Central Market and much more. We will also visit Bellavista, Modern Santiago and Bicentenario Park.

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With more than 7 million inhabitants, Santiago today is the financial and commercial platform for many international countries that want to position their business in Latin America.

We invite you to enjoy an unforgettable visit to the city, where history and adventure come to life as we go together discovering the most important icons that have marked our history.