This is an adventure reserved only for the most daring explorers. Those who are fascinated with science and nature in its entire splendor. The Antarctic concentrates more than 90% of land ice, has untouched virgin territories and a surprising animal kingdom.

However, getting this far is not that easy. This ecological paradise is located almost 1,000 kilometers from continental Chile. Accessible by plane from Punta Arenas, flying over Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn and the Drake Passage, finally arriving at King George Island, where you will find Villa Las Estrellas, the civil camp where Chile claims sovereignty and from where most of the tours are initiated. It can also be reached by sea, on a long journey of exploration.

Antarctic visitors can observe a large number of species of fauna, with different kinds of seabirds. Penguins, seals and whales are common part of the landscape of the so-called seventh continent.

Important center of scientific studies, Antarctica is a territory protected from contamination, so all tourist activity is regulated, especially maritime tourism.

The best time to visit Antarctica is from November to March.