The Carretera Austral is a scenic route of the Patagonia, unique in the world as it begins in Puerto Montt and ends in Villa O’Higgins. The route is combined with some ferries needed to traverse certain sectors. There are more than 1,000 kilometers of natural beauty, pristine landscapes and the air breathed in by only the lucky ones who visit.

A huge diversity of landscapes is on hand and ideal for adventure sports: rafting in Futaleufu River – one of the fastest in the world, trekking through parks or on a glacier, and fishing in a river or a lake or exploring picturesque villages such as Caleta Tortel and Puyuhuapi.

In the Carretera Austral visitors will always be in contact with nature, captivated by the wonders that gives the Patagonia.

What to do

Queulat National Park and Puyuhuapi: with numerous attractions, this 150 thousand hectare National Park is a refuge for native species of flora and fauna. It houses the impressive hanging glacier Ventiquero Colgante, as well as waterfalls, fiords, lakes, lagoons and trails. Puyuhuapi is a small town known for producing fine handcrafted carpets, and located on one of its channels a fantastic thermal hotel with fine dining.

Coyhaique and Puerto Aysén: it is said that in this area, one can experience all four seasons in one day, and this is true. Hence, due to the aforementioned that nature has given in a bountiful manner. It has land, air and water access roads that assist in reaching various locations, national reserves (as Simpson River, Coyhaique and Cerro Castillo), rivers and lakes that are astound with their wondrous landscapes. Horseback riding, fishing fly, water activities, hiking, bird watching and agro-tourism can be performed in the area.

General Carrera Lake: the largest lake in Chile, with turquoise waters, shares its surface with Argentina, where it receives the name of Buenos Aires. On its southern shore extends the town of Chile Chico, a true oasis of temperate climate. However, its main attraction without doubt is the Marble Chapels, a sanctuary of nature. There are Caverns with indescribable colors, where you can explore in boats or kayaks.

Caleta Tortel: known as the city of the boardwalks, thanks to its 7.5 kilometers of platforms, bridges and ladders built of cypress wood. All of them connect the different areas of this picturesque town, declared a typical zone thanks to its particular lifestyle and architecture.