The South of Chile is a magical area. Where frequent rains clean the sky and keeps everything green, where forests and moist earth perfumes the environment. The South is also a region where its inhabitants are welcoming to visitors, where the cultural heritage of indigenous peoples is present on a daily basis and where scenic beauty of the natural landscapes captivates.

The legacy of the settlers is displayed in German cuisine, as it is also possible to enjoy the flavors of the Mapuche culture, unquestionable protagonist of this area of the country.

There are so many options offered by the south to its visitors, thus the stay will always seem not long enough and many activities will be left on hold for a future visit. Here adventurers can ski among ancient forests, down the rapids of a river or do water sports in a lake. Fly-fishing attracts hundreds of people, even from distant parts of the world, while the national parks summon thousands of visitors who explore the trails and are amazed by nature.

What to do

Pucon-Villarrica: two lakeside towns situated on the banks of Villarrica Lake gather the tourist activity in the Region of Araucania. With an excellent infrastructure, which offers a striking variety of activities and natural attractions. One of the most active in Latin America volcanoes and ski, many hot springs resorts, national parks etc. attracts those seeking adventure, but also rest. Moreover, other lakes and seaside resorts are close to several to visit, Calafquén, Caburgua and Colico, among others.

Lake and Puyehue National Park: near the city of Osorno and very close to the border with Argentina, lies the Puyehue Lake with an area of 120 square kilometers, offering beautiful scenery and boasting several beaches of gray sand that are most frequented in summer. Puyehue National Park has several hiking trails that allow you to explore its corners, waterfalls, rivers and lakes, as well as an impressive rainforest. A unique thermal hotel and a spa center with cabins provide relaxation. Those who like snow will find in Antillanca a small but attractive ski center.

Lake Llanquihue and Puerto Varas: this city of German influence, located on the shores of the great Lake Llanquihue has become a tourist destination in the South. The beauty of the landscapes that surround it has been of importance; however, its wide range of accommodations, great restaurants, its casino games and varied trade have contributed greatly. A walk along the waterfront to enjoy beautiful views, a path toward the Petrohue Falls, a climb to the volcano Osorno, trekking at the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park are some of the alternatives of things to do. In addition, other beautiful and small lakeside towns such as Frutillar and Puerto Octay villages are outstanding places to visit.

Chiloe: this archipelago is a land of myths and legends that, additionally, has a remarkable gastronomy. Plunging in Chiloe is to explore a world of cultural and natural wealth especially within the Chiloe National Park. Chilotan architecture has a priceless heritage, on the one hand, by stilt houses, wooden houses built on stilts, as well as the beautiful wooden churches, which were declared world heritage by Unesco.