The eighth wonder of the world will leave you open-mouthed. Turquoise colored water, pristine glaciers, mountains of granite, a National Park that will delight the most dauntless traveler, all of that on a site that is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and a real paradise for the lovers of trekking.

The Torres del Paine are a group of mountains located within the park of the same name, in the Southern Patagonia of Chile. They are located 150 km from Puerto Natales and 400 km from Punta Arenas, and its cold climate has constant wind, which can reach high speeds.

The fauna is varied, highlighting the majestic condor, foxes, huemul and guanacos. With any luck, visitors might also catch a glimpse of the elusive pumas.

What to do

Circuit W: a circuit of 55 kilometers that runs through various attractions within the park and walkers tend to complete it in four to seven days of hiking. There are various shelters to spend the night, which are shared with visitors from around the world. The crossing takes its name from the union of three major areas through which the expedition passes: Ascencio Valley, French Valley and Valley of the Grey Glacier.

Grey Lake: awe-inspiring are the landscapes provided by this lake, with its somewhat murky waters of glacial origin, covered by sediments of huge floating icebergs and ice. Even more if surrounded by the while journeying in one of the boats that run through it. It has more than 500 meters depth and 3,250 hectares surfacing from the water. From here can be viewed the Grey Glacier, of six kilometers width and 30 meters height.

Pehoe Lake: this is one of the best places to observe the Horns of Paine, and when the weather is nice, you can enjoy the beautiful reflection of the mountains in its waters. It is located in the center of the national park, of turquoise color and the Paine River feeds its waters. This is a great place for sport fishing.

Nordenskjöld Lake: outstanding thanks to its beautiful waters of intense green color, which occurs due to high concentrations of minerals it has. It is of glacial origin and 200 meters deep. With a viewpoint from which you can get beautiful panoramic Valley of the French, Paine Grande and the Horns of Paine.

Milodon Cave: located 25 kilometers from Puerto Natales, this Natural Monument of great paleontological value consists of three caves that housed the remains of extinct mylodons, herbivorous animals of great size that disappeared during the Pleistocene. The main cave is 30 meters high and 200 deep and inside is a replica of the mylodon.

Puerto Natales: this city, gateway to the park, has excellent hotel infrastructure, excellent restaurants and varied trade. Located next to the Señoret channel, its beautiful waterfront stands out. You cannot leave without first visiting the handicraft fair, which sells products made in wood, fabrics and jewelry.